Workforce Management System 5

The Workforce Management System 5 (WMS5) is an innovative program utilizing the latest software technologies.

Developed by IDESS I.T., WMS5 is a user friendly tool that significantly reduces the amount of time your human resources department spends managing employee information, thereby allowing more time, and greater attention to be focused on mission critical issues.

WMS5 can be accessed online (browser-based) and offline (PC-based) to suit the shipboard or offshore environment. Data is transmitted between ship and shore using the export and import facility.

Reports can be sent by e-mail to selected groups, departments or the entire company. WMS5 has the capability to provide your HR Department with the ability to handle thousands of employee records in a clear, easy-to-use format.

Extensive information is available at your fingertips, helping you to protect your company’s most valuable asset – its Human Capital.

Viewing employee data is quick and easy
The Complete Human Resource Information System

The WMS5 is designed to share the same database as the Competence Assurance System (CASys) and together, they work seamlessly to provide all the information required for effective and efficient HRD and HRM.

Why use the Workforce Management System 5?

The WMS5 program has been designed by Human Resource Professionals for Human Resource Professionals. The focus of the development team has always been on the needs of the end user.

WMS5 is NOT bloated with features you will never use.

It is quick and easy to implement, and IDESS I.T. will provide support every step of the way.

WMS5 is designed to be flexible and can be customised to fit your business. Other programs are difficult to change once implemented. WMS5 is designed to evolve and adapt to changes in the business environment, regulations, and procedures. You will find us to be very responsive to your needs.