Established in 2001, IDESS I.T. has primarily delivered custom made systems and content for a broad range of clients in the shipping, offshore oil and gas industries, and commodity trading business sector.
The innovative HRM and HRD software solutions we have developed include:

  • An online Learning Management System – sEaLearn.
  • An online Assessment System – iTEST.
  • A Competence Assurance System, for measuring and analyzing workforce performance – CASys.
  • An HR Management system tailored to the needs of the shipping and offshore oil and gas industries – WMS5.
  • An automated system for tracking and managing personnel movements to and from vessels and platforms, as well as within shipyards. POB / ACCESS TRACK.

In 2013 the Norwegian technology company OGS AS acquired a majority share in IDESS I.T. This acquisition brings together the innovative technology of OGS AS with the software systems developed by IDESS I.T. Leveraging of each company’s products and services provides more diverse and robust support for existing and future clients, and the “critical mass” required to enter new sectors of the shipping and offshore industry markets, to compete with established market leaders.